Hunting Season Safety

Hunting season is upon us; a time that many of us look forward to every year! While hunting is a fun sport, it only stays fun when there are no accidents that turn an enjoyable pastime into a horrific event. Horseplay around firearms is dangerous and not using caution can lead to a deadly consequence; but with the right safety measures in place and a conscientious mindset you can avoid costly mistakes.
• Treat every firearm with respect, think and act as though it is always loaded
• Unload guns when not in use
• Watch where you aim your gun; never point at anything you don’t want to shoot
• Know what is surrounding your target and do not shoot unless clear of obstructions
• Use the correct ammunition for your firearm, ensure that it is the correct size for your gun
• Store guns and ammunition in a safe, secure place out of reach from children
• Never combine alcohol and firearms before or during shooting
Following these measures will help keep you and those around you safe this hunting season. Accidents can be avoided with proper safety precautions and mindfulness of your surroundings and actions. Make sure to keep your hunting experience enjoyable by being safe. Good luck this season!

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