Garden Preparation Tips

It’s about time to get those gardening gloves ready as spring is right around the corner! Right now is the perfect time to start preparing for your garden so you do not run out of time and get caught unprepared once the warm weather hits and growing season is in full swing. Some of the steps that can be taken currently to make your job easier down the road include:
• Design and plan out your garden layout
• Prepare garden tools- make sure that you have the proper tools for what you need and that they are in working order
• Do a system check of your irrigation system and replace broken parts or leaking lines
• Inspect trees for any signs of weakness- especially important with the harsh ice and snow storms we received a few weeks ago
• Treat young pines for tip bores before March if not done in the fall
• Apply a dormant oil spray when the temperature is above 40 degrees F to control overwintering insects on deciduous trees or shrubs
• Apply a glyphosate plus post-emergent broadleaf herbicide product to dormant Bermuda grass when the temperatures are above 50 degrees F- this will assist in winter weed control

Taking these simple steps will help get a leg up on the spring gardening rush!!

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