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Safety in the Storm

Severe weather season is here. Severe weather during this season comes in many forms; damaging winds, hail and even the chance of tornadoes.  The season ranges typically from April through June; however they can happen anytime during the year if the conditions are right.  There are several precautions that can be taken to help keep you and your family safe in the case of a severe storm occurring: A storm radio is important to have. This will keep you updated to current weather situations. Apps for smartphones can… Read More →

Proper Vaccine Handling

Vaccinating calves and cattle is an important part to any ranching operation- it helps to keep them healthy and safeguard against diseases that could potentially lead to death. While buying the vaccine and actually giving it to the animal is imperative, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the animals really will get their protection.  With spring roundups and workings beginning to take place there are precautions to follow to make sure that you are truly getting the most “bang for… Read More →

Comparison Shopping for Farmers

It’s that time of the year again when cotton farmers are making decisions about which direction to take their farming operations. There are so many choices that face farmers when deciding what to plant, what the market will do and what the greatest return for their dollar will be.  Nothing in the world of farming is cheap, making each decision pivotal when trying to get the most money back in return. One of the most important decisions is what seed variety to plant.  This can make quite a… Read More →

Beware of Rattlesnakes

The relatively warm temperatures that we’ve been having for the past few weeks seems to have sped along the arrival of Spring- bringing with it the increased movement of animals coming out of hibernation. While it may seem like it is nowhere time to start being on the lookout for snakes unfortunately they are out and about. Rattlesnakes are ectothermic, meaning that they are cold blooded creatures. Cold blooded animals cannot regulate their body temperature the same way warm blooded animals can, so to survive rattlesnakes will congregate… Read More →

Garden Preparation Tips

It’s about time to get those gardening gloves ready as spring is right around the corner! Right now is the perfect time to start preparing for your garden so you do not run out of time and get caught unprepared once the warm weather hits and growing season is in full swing. Some of the steps that can be taken currently to make your job easier down the road include: • Design and plan out your garden layout • Prepare garden tools- make sure that you have the… Read More →

Keeping Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

We all love our animals like part of the family- making it only natural to want to spoil them this holiday season! Holidays are a great time to indulge in treats that we as people don’t often eat throughout the rest of the year, and all too often these indulgent treats get shared with our furry family members too. Too much of a good thing can turn bad very quickly however, for humans and pets alike. The holiday season typically sees a spike in the number of sick… Read More →

Christmas Tree Smarts

The time has come for Christmas decorating- although if you are like me you have had your decoration up since before Thanksgiving!- and one of the most iconic Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees are still a prominent choice for many homes; they give off a great fragrance and produce a sense of nostalgia. To ensure that your holidays remain a festive time and don’t turn into a horror scene take certain precautions to guard against Christmas tree fires. • Christmas trees should receive plenty… Read More →

Hunting Season Safety

Hunting season is upon us; a time that many of us look forward to every year! While hunting is a fun sport, it only stays fun when there are no accidents that turn an enjoyable pastime into a horrific event. Horseplay around firearms is dangerous and not using caution can lead to a deadly consequence; but with the right safety measures in place and a conscientious mindset you can avoid costly mistakes. • Treat every firearm with respect, think and act as though it is always loaded •… Read More →

Fall Gardening

The leaves are finally beginning to fall around town, indicating that cooler weather is almost here to stay. One of the biggest chores I face in fall is gathering these fallen leaves up and figuring out what to do with them. It’s such as continual process of having to clean the leaves out of my yard that I want to know those leaves are being utilized for something productive. Fortunately leaves can serve as an excellent source of nutrients for my spring gardening if used the right way…. Read More →

Collingsworth County Crops Tour Summary

The Collingsworth County Crops Tour was held on September 4, 2015. As always I would like to extend a big thank-you to all of the sponsors of the crops tour; Tri County Co-op, Bayer Crop Sciences, Cross Road Peanut, Western Equipment, Wellington State Bank, Helena Chemical Co., Pilgrim Bank, Farmers Cooperative Society #1, Birdsong Peanut Co., Monsanto, Greenline Equipment, Dow Agro Sciences, Americot/ Nexgen, and BASF- this tour would not be possible without such outstanding support! Additionally thank you to the cooperators putting in the trials we toured;… Read More →