Collingsworth County was created in 1876 from Bexar and Young Districts. The county was named for the Republic of Texas first Chief Justice James Collingsworth. The county seat is Wellington and is centered around agriculture. Land uses in Collingsworth County include peanuts, cotton, alfalfa, wheat, sorghum, and cattle grazing. Approximately half the county is used for crop production and the other half is used for livestock.

Collingsworth County lies in the southeastern part of the Texas Panhandle and consists of rolling, broken terrain with creeks flowing into forks of the Red River and fields with a sandy to sandy loam soil.

Recreation includes the Collingsworth County Museum, Pioneer Park, the Wellington Activity Center, Wellington Fair Grounds, hunting, fishing and golf. Agriculture is the major source for employment.

In 1995, the population of Collingsworth County was 3,342 which ranked 223rd in the state. The population continues to decline, which is not surprising since it is a rural county and is not a part of a metropolitan area.

The largest age group is those from 30-49 years of age composing of 25% of the population with the 65+ age group being a close second at 23% of the population. The majority of the population is Anglos at 75% followed by Hispanics at 18%.

Collingsworth County Per Capita Income (PCPI) in 1995 was $16,514 which was an increase from the 1985 PCPI of $10,394 or 4.7%.








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